EyesWeb Tutorial

Tutorial Chair: Paolo Coletta


May 25, 2011

The Tutorial will be held at Casa Paganini, Piazza S.Maria in Passione 34.

The EyesWeb Tutorial aims at sharing with participants the experience of Casa Paganini - InfoMus in scientific research, technological development, and artistic production matured around the EyesWeb project. EyesWeb is an open software platform enabling research and development of real-time multimodal systems. EyesWeb research includes modeling and analysis of non-verbal behaviour, full-body multimodal interaction and communication, expressive gesture, social behaviour, musical gesture.

Participation to the EyesWeb tutorial is free for all participants of Intetain 2011 but, for organizational reasons, we ask to register in advance by sending an email to Tutorial2011@intetain.org before May 15, 2011.

The Tutorial will provide an overview of the following recent developments around EyesWeb:

  1. Improvements to the EyesWeb Mobile platform, including new libraries and demos for active music listening (EU Project SAME), based on mobile phones.
  2. Introduction to the new version of the EyesWeb Expressive Gesture library.
  3. Introduction to the new EyesWeb Social Signals library.
  4. MetaEyesWeb: real-time, dynamic control of multiple patches, based on Python: interactive narrative structures and adaptive interactive systems.
  5. Introduction to the new EyesWeb GPU Processing Library.
  6. Presentation of the recent museum installations, including the permanent installation “Viaggiatori di Sguardo”, Palazzo Ducale Fondazione per la Cultura.
  7. Support to Kinect.
  8. Support to Qualisys motion capture system.
At the conclusion of the Tutorial, participants will be invited to the permanent interactive installation "Viaggiatori di Sguardo", designed and implemented by Casa Paganini - InfoMus using EyesWeb XMI, at Palazzo Ducale, site also of the INTETAIN Conference.

A new version of EyesWeb XMI will be released at INTETAIN 2011. EyesWeb XMI is freely available for download at www.eyesweb.org.
EyesWeb "Viaggiatori di Sguardo" Interactive Installation

An example of EyesWeb based implementation is TanGO Touching Music, the interactive dance and music performance for Dancers and Voice that will be presented at the Closing Session of FET11, 4-6 May 2011.

"TanGO Touching Music" an EyesWeb interactive
dance and music performance for Dancers and Voice

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