Technical Program

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Morning 9:00 Tutorial & Intetain 2011 Registration  
9:30 EyesWeb Tutorial 9:30 INVITED TALK I - O.Stock 9:30 Tech. Session: Affective User Interfaces
10:30 Coffee Break 10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 Coffee Break 11:00 Tech. Session: Hardware Technologies for Interaction and Entertainment 11:10 Tech. Session: Social Interaction
11:30 EyesWeb Tutorial
12:00 INVITED TALK II - F.Pachet
  13:00 Lunch 13:00 Lunch 13:00 Lunch
13:45 Intetain 2011 Registration 13:45 Workshop Registration
14:15 Welcome 14:15 Tech. Session: Displays and Devices / Animation and virtual characters 14:15 SBM Workshop - INVITED TALK - A.Vinciarelli
14:30 Talk Testaluna
14:55 Posters and Demos Overview
15:10 Tech. Session: Non verbal full body interaction
SBM Workshop - Tech. Session Part 1

16:00 Coffee Break & Posters and Demos 16:00 Coffee Break 16:05 Coffee Break
16:30 Tech. Session: Storytelling 16:35
SBM Workshop - Tech. Session Part 2

16:50 Tech. Session: Virtual/Mixed/Augmented Reality 17:10 Tech. Session: Children interaction 17:25
SBM Workshop - Discussion

18:00-19:30 Demos open for public  
Evening     Social Dinner at Terrazze del Ducale  

Technical Sessions

Wednesday Afternoon: Virtual/Mixed/Augmented Reality

User Interface for Browsing Geotagged Data - Design and Evaluation (Full Paper)

Erika Reponen, Jaakko Keränen and Viljakaisa Aaltonen

Towards Multimodal, Multi-Party, and Social Brain-Computer Interfacing (Short Paper)

Anton Nijholt

Brain-Computer Interfaces: proposal of a paradigm to increase output commands (Full Paper)

Ricardo Ron-Angevin, Francisco Velasco-Álvarez and Salvador Sancha-Ros

Thursday Morning: Hardware Technologies for Interaction and Entertainment

Steady State Visual Evoked Potential based Computer Gaming - The Maze (Full Paper)

Nikolay Chumerin, Nikolay V. Manyakov, Adrien Combaz, Arne Robben, Marijn van Vliet, and Marc M. Van Hulle

Single Value Devices (Full Paper)

Angelika Mader, Edwin Dertien, Dennis Reidsma

A Kinect-based Natural Interface for Quadrotor Control (Full Paper)

Andrea Sanna, Fabrizio Lamberti, Gianluca Paravati, Eduardo Andres Henao Ramirez, and Federico Manuri

Smart Material Interfaces: A vision. (Short Paper)

Andrea Minuto, Dhaval Vyas, Wim Poelman, and Anton Nijholt

User-centered evaluation of the Virtual Binocular Interface (Full Paper)

Donald Glowinski, Maurizio Mancini, Paolo Coletta, Simone Ghisio, Carlo Chiorri, Antonio Camurri, and Gualtiero Volpe

Thursday Afternoon: Displays and Devices

Does Movement Recognition Precision affect the Player Experience in Exertion Games? (Full Paper)

Jasmir Nijhar, Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze, Gemma Boguslawski

Thursday Afternoon: Animation and virtual characters

Elckerlyc in practice -- on the integration of a BML Realizer in real applications (Full Paper)

Dennis Reidsma and Herwin van Welbergen

Thursday Afternoon: Non verbal full body interaction

Evaluation of the Mobile Orchestra Explorer paradigm (Full Paper)

Donald Glowinski, Maurizio Mancini, and Alberto Massari

As As Wave impels a Wave - Active experience of cultural heritage and artistic content (Full Paper)

Francesca Cavallero, Antonio Camurri, Corrado Canepa, Nicola Ferrari, Barbara Mazzarino, Gualtiero Volpe

Thursday Afternoon: Storytelling

An Intelligent Instructional Tool for Puppeteering in Virtual Shadow Puppet Play (Full Paper)

Sirot Piman, Abdullah Zawawi Talib

A Tabletop Board Game Interface for Multi-User Interaction with a Storytelling System (Short Paper)

Thijs Alofs, Mariët Theune, Ivo Swartjes

Thursday Afternoon: Children interaction

Design of an interactive playground based on traditional children's play (Full Paper)

Daniel Tetteroo, Anton Nijholt, Dennis Reidsma and Betsy van Dijk

Designing a Museum Multi-Touch Table for Children (Full Paper)

Betsy van Dijk, Frans van der Sluis, and Anton Nijholt

Friday Morning: Affective User Interfaces

Automatic recognition of affective body movement in a video game scenario (Full Paper)

Nikolaos Savva and Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze

Towards Mimicry Recognition during Human Interactions: Automatic Feature Selection and Representation (Full Paper)

Xiaofan Sun, Anton Nijholt, and Maja Pantic

Friday Morning: Social Interaction

A Playable Evolutionary Interface for Performance and Social Engagement (Full Paper)

Insook Choi and Robin Bargar

Social interaction in a cooperative brain-computer interface game (Full Paper)

Michel Obbink, Hayrettin Gürkök, Danny Plass-Oude Bos, Gido Hakvoort, Mannes Poel, and Anton Nijholt

Posters and Demos Session


LUCIA: An open source 3D expressive avatar for multimodal h.m.i.

Giuseppe Riccardo Leone, Piero Cosi and Giulio Paci

The AnimaTricks system. Animating intelligent agents from high-level goal declarations

Vincenzo Lombardo, Fabrizio Nunnari, and Rossana Damiano

A Framework for Designing 3D Virtual Environments

Salvatore Catanese, Emilio Ferrara, Giacomo Fiumara, and Francesco Pagano


The Mobile Orchestra Explorer

Donald Glowinski, Maurizio Mancini, and Alberto Massari

Realtime expressive movement detection using the EyesWeb XMI platform

Maurizio Mancini, Donald Glowinski, and Alberto Massari

i-Theatre: Tangible Interactive Storytelling

Jesús Muñoz, Michele Marchesoni, Cristina Costa

An Invisible Line: remote communication using expressive behavior

Andrea Cera, Andrew Gerzso, Corrado Canepa, Maurizio Mancini, Donald Glowinski, Simone Ghisio, Paolo Coletta, and Antonio Camurri

Teaching by means of a technologically augmented environment: the Stanza Logo-Motoria

Serena Zanolla, Filippo Romano, Antonio Rodà, Francesco Scattolin, Sergio Canazza, Corrado Canepa, Paolo Coletta, Gualtiero Volpe and Gian Luca Foresti

INSIDE: Intuitive Sonic Interaction Design for Education and Entertainment

Alain Crevoisier, Cécile Picard-Limpens


Catherine Pelachaud, Laurent Ach, Laurent Durieu, Benoit Morel, Karine Chevreau, Hugues da Mazancourt, Bernard Normier, and André-Marie Pez

Interacting with emotional virtual agents

Elisabetta Bevacqua, Florian Eyben, Dirk Heylen, Mark ter Maat, Sathish Pammi, Catherine Pelachaud, Marc Schröder, Björn Schuller, Etienne de Sevin, and Martin Wöllmer

Traditional Shadow Puppet Play? The Virtual Way

Abdullah Zawawi Talib, Mohd Azam Osman, Tan Kian Lam, Sirot Piman

The Attentive Machine: be Different!

Julien Leroy, Nicolas Riche, François Zajega, Matei Mancas, Joelle Tilmanne, Bernard Gosselin and Thierry Dutoit

Syntact: an open air musical controller providing non-contact tactile feedback

Miha Ciglar

SBM Workshop

Invited Talk

Social Signal Processing: understanding nonverbal communication in social interactions

Alessandro Vinciarelli (invited speaker)

Technical Session (part 1)

Towards a dynamic approach to the study of emotions expressed by music

Kim Torres-Eliard, Carolina Labbé, and Didier Grandjean

Mutual Engagement in Social Music Making

Nick Bryan-Kinns

Technical Session (part 2)

Measuring ensemble synchrony through violin performance parameters: a preliminary progress report

Panagiatis Papiotis, Marco Marchini, Esteban Maestre and Alfonso Perez

Communication in orchestra playing as measured with Granger Causality

Alessandro D'Ausilio, Leonardo Badino, Yi Li, Sera Takay, Laila Craighero, Rosario Canto, Yiannis Aloimonos, Luciano Fadiga