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How to get to the Palazzo Ducale and Casa Paganini

Palazzo Ducale by Railway

Situated in the city centre, the Palazzo Ducale can be easily reached by bus from Genova Brignole and Genova Principe railway stations (Piazza De Ferrari stop).

Palazzo Ducale by car

Travelling from the North and the West, exit at Genova Ovest tollgate, take the Sopraelevata flyover, exit at P.zza Corvetto.
Travelling from the East, exit at Genova Est tollgate, direction Brignole railway station, Via D'Aste and Piazza Dante (Via D'Annunzio).

To reach Casa Paganini from Piazza Matteotti (Palazzo Ducale)

From Piazza Matteotti, carry on the Salita Pollaiuoli. After reaching Piazza S. Donato (very small square in front of an ancient church), carry on the Stradone Sant'Agostino. Turn right on the Vico Amandorla. Go up and turn right on the Via di Mascherona. Go on 10-15 meters and go up on the left (steps, Salita Santa Maria in Passione).

To reach Casa Paganini from Brignole railway station

From Brignole railway station - also terminal of the airport bus - go to the first bus platform in front of the station and take bus 46 or 47. Reach Piazza Dante: on a side of Piazza Dante, there is an ancient gate (Porta Soprana) with two towers. Go to that gate and immediately after it turn left in Via di Ravecca. Walk down Via Ravecca up to a square with an ancient well in the center (Piazza di Sarzano). Walk down the square. On the other side, at the end of the square turn right in Salita San Silvestro and go up. At the end of the slope, turn left. On your right there will be an archaeological area in the site where it is still possible to see an ancient church bombed during World War II. At the end of the archaeological area you will find a small square on the right. Casa Paganini is in that square just in front of you.


Palazzo Ducale
Piazza Matteotti 9
16123 Genova (Italy)
Tel. +39-0105574000
Fax +39-0105574001


Casa Paganini
Piazza Santa Maria in Passione, 34
16123 - Genova (Italy)
Tel. +39-0102758252
Tel. +39-0103532201 InfoMus Lab.